Dear Comrades,
We Construct Socialist States of India.
Ours is basically a laborious country. Most of the population of our country depends on the labour work. Whether nearly 90%  people of our country are working in  agricultural  industry, industrial sectors and the remaining are working in other labour duties in order to strive for the progress of the country, but in  the name of  public representatives the Indian rulers are striving for their development leaving the country’s progress.  In the corrupted ruling the Indian rulers are amassing the lot wealth in crores of rupees. As the British  rulers had enacted laws  in order to downtrode the India, the Indian  rulers are enacting the laws to exploit the labour of the poor population and resulting the poorer are being made  more poorer by the mediators are receiving the lots of wealth  through the commission agents  as  they  are striving to  become richest in the world. As the British used to utilize the labour groups for their development now the Indian rulers are enacting  the tight laws in order to exploit the poor people of their labour but they are not implementing any activities for the development of those labour people. The rulers are making profits out of these  showing the welfare schemes for the down trodden people as it is like selling the products showing the trees. All the welfare schemes invented for the betterment of the labour groups are finally resulting the benefits of the rulers. By the result the labours are  not getting any good abode to live in, good work to do, not getting good remunerations for their work, they are suffering from different problems like that they are not  getting sufficient food three times a day, facing troubles as to how to live or die. In order to disguise their implementations of the illegal exploitations on labour they have been conducting different programmes through all kinds of media and misleading the public and making profits out of those without interruption in their unlawful activities. Today in all the states of our country including with our state it is problematic to the labour people  to survive.

    It is 65 years now that we have got our independence as the Indian  rulers say but what is the independence meant by? As the village public questioning now we can understand that  to whom the independence has come. Since 65 years, the political ruling parties are utilizing the labour class as their vote banks, as the rulers have been making all the pledges that they will solve out  the problems of the labour class and  after elections they turn deaf ear to them. The Indian rulers  having sworn on the Indian constitution written by  themselves and by same constitution they have created some way out from their exploitations of right to live of the  public  according to the same constitution so that they can easily encroach  and grab the lands, doing the real estate businesses they have been exploiting the public through commission agents in the name of SEZs ( Special Economic Zone) which all are against to interests of the common public they have been implementing the black laws in order to grab the agricultural lands and residential lands  of labour class, and in this ways the lands belong to the poor labour class are grabbed are being given to the mediators leaving the poor labour landless and homeless. By enervating the acts for the welfare of the labour class the acts of exploitation for the conveniences of mediators are being implementing now.

    As per the Labour Acts to protect  the freedom of  Trade Unions by standing upon the labour class and by conducting  the fights in favour of labour class in order to solve out the problems of labour, practice  of rights to be implemented for the betterment of livelihood of labour class, but now the labour acts are being used for the selfish ends of the political leaders and making profits out of these acts themselves. By the way parliamentary communist parties which have been working to enervate the labour so that they work in favour of capitalist groups. They have amended the Marxizm extracted the main theme out of that. They have become like a servants for a Burjava groups organization. They have given the main idea of initiating the labour revolution by monitoring the progress of the organization by the main principle of the Marxism has been given up. By the result of this the affiliated unions like trade unions, labour class fights have been turned to be a venue for revisionist politics. Not only that who are not labours have become the trade union leaders as being unaware of the troubles of labour class and the labour acts who have been unable to fight for their development  and fight against the exploitation having done towards them of  their fundamental rights which have been entitled to them according to the constitution the labour class have been become a dice  the chess of political leaders.

    In this crisis the present  world of labour class have been enervated on  revolutionary grounds to the labour class to protect the rights so that solve them out of their problems and not only practicing the rights for better livelihood but also gaining the Marxism, Communism, and fixing in a goal to be reached for getting freedom from all these  assails upon the labour class,  as an  objective to establish  the labour class leadership  dominating socialist states of economical equality in our India, on 10-7-2011, including 17 labour unions  under the direction and leadership  of Comrade Sampathi Stalin, the All India Federation of Labour Union- AIFLU  has been launched. To fight against those who have transferred to be burjuvas  in the name of red flag in order to integrate all the labour public so that solving the primary problems of them by implementing the rights for the betterment of life   of the labour and by instilling  the ideas of the Marxist-Leninist- Maoism principles into the minds of them for getting information of knowledge of the labour revolutionary organizations. It is independent organization. This All India Federation of Labour Union-AIFLU like people of labour sectors, democratic, students, virtuoso intellectuals, by cooperating in all the directions in our labour class fights movement to construct the socialist states of India.